Simply D Photography is a fun, fresh, editorial approach to photography for special occasions.  We specialize in taking pictures for special events such as weddings, birthdays, and proms.

We also provide highly professional photography for e-commerce product pictures. Remember that professional pictures goes a long way in presenting your products in the best way possible. It can mean the difference between making a sale or losing one. Amateur product pictures will lose a consumer’s trust and send them to your competitors. So why should your company use our services?

  • We use the best DSLR professional camera to maximize picture clarity
  • Lighting kits to optimize color and brightness
  • Proper background to focus on your products

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true in the world of online commerce. It doesn’t matter if your are selling diabetic socks or coffee mugs. The first thing we do as shoppers is to see the product in detail before even considering purchasing the product. No matter how great your product is, it will not sell well if it doesn’t look good to begin with. Having good product pictures is just the price of admission to get your product into the minds of consumers. While we do a lot of photography for events and people, SimplyDPhoto is no stranger to the world of commercial photography. We have the expertise to put your products in the best possible light literally.

socks-for-diabetesRecently, a socks retailer specializing in diabetic socks, BargainSocks contacted us to take pictures of their socks. The owner believed that the existing images were not so great and it may have affected sales. While they had a great product that a lot of people with diabetes find useful, the photos of their socks were a turn off. The pictures were taken a while ago with a retail camera with no particular attention to the lighting or setting. It was dull and unprofessional looking. It also didn’t capture how truly good the product really was. I know because I’ve tried them before and I’m not even a diabetic. Anyways, it’s hard to imagine any company having much success if a customer’s first impression is not a good one.

In this situation, we really wanted the diabetic socks to be the star of the show so to speak. Every detail was considered. We put a bright white background to really put the focus on the socks themselves and have them stand out . Diffused lighting was also used to avoid shadows. Oh yea, and it also helps to have a commercial camera to do something like this. Using a good camera will help capture the small details of the product correctly. As a result, the images came out looking great. Something this simple has dramatically changed the look and feel of the company’s website. The pictures now look a lot more professional and inviting to their customers. With the high level of granularity, customers that see these images can instantly identify the quality of the material. They can see the socks colors are bright and accurately represented. The owner of the company has since told us that sales have improved significantly since the new images were used. Also, customers have been asking less questions regarding the quality of the product since its so clearly laid out in the pictures. It goes to show that no detail should be overlooked when doing business online.

When you are starting out with photography, you probably need to have a few basic tips in order to improve your skills. This article contains a few tips to get you started with your photography endeavors. Choose carefully what will show in your photograph. Many good photos show only a carefully chosen portion of the subject, rather than the whole thing. If you try to put too much into one photograph, you’ll overwhelm yourself and your viewers. To give a general impression of a subject, take a different pictures and organize them in a series rather than trying to capture everything in one picture.

Play around with shutter speeds to find out what kind of effects you can achieve. Photography can help you get that split-second moment or to blur those large time periods. Fast shutter speeds allow you to capture moving objects while slow shutter speeds are ideal for shooting calm, tranquil scenery. Minimize the fuss when you set up to take your photographs. When photographing a specific event, set your camera’s features on the appropriate settings ahead of time.

Avoid taking pictures under an overcast, cloudy sky if possible. Leaving too much of the gray sky in your photograph might make the whole shot look too muted and lacking in contrast. If you really want or need a shot in overcast conditions, try a black and white picture to maximize contrast and improve the overall picture. Conversely, a bright blue sky will only enhance your photographs, as long as you are mindful of the light.

When it comes to photography, framing is key. Eliminate objects that take away from your subject matter by zooming in on the main focal point. This will help keep clutter out of your pictures, and eliminate any unwanted focal points. It is a good idea to experiment with the different features your camera has and also with many angles and colors. A good picture isn’t all about the subject, it’s also about the artistic way it is portrayed. A good photographer makes even insignificant objects look interesting. Experiment with your photos until you discover your personal style.

Take photos of all the cool souvenirs you bought on your trip. Make separate photo albums for each trip you have photographed. This helps you create an interesting photo essay around the souvenirs you selected that can increase your enjoyment of the photos once you return home. Figure out the best blend of aperture, ISO and shutter speed. These are how you determine your picture’s exposure. Over- or underexposed pictures should be steered away from, unless this is the particular look you are seeking. See what kind of combinations you can come up with by switching up these three features.

Anybody can become a decent photographer, it just takes practice. Keep shooting and get more experience. With a digital camera, you don’t have to keep all of your test shots; only keep the ones that you like and will look at again later. Your photography skills will improve and as you later review them, you will see what you need to do to take even better pictures.

Confine yourself within certain limits, to breed creativity. For instance, you can base a whole set of pictures around a specific subject. Try taking 100 photographs, all from the same location, and attempt to make each unique. These strict limits will force you to try new ideas and think creatively. Try to find interesting ways to frame your shots. It doesn’t have to be just a metal or a wooden frame, you can use a more natural one as well. Try looking at surrounding objects, such as trees or hills, to create a “natural frame” for your subject. Doing so can help to improve composition.

You may want to set your camera to take lower resolution pictures so that you can fit more images onto one memory card, but realize that you are sacrificing some quality in the process. Only use the low settings if you know for a fact that the only place you are going to look at them is on your computer.

Take a lot of experimental photographs when you are working with a new subject or background. The more practice shots you take, the more comfortable you will get with the environment. Every situation in photography varies quite a bit. Even once you have begun taking your real photos, feel free to break for some more practice shots if the lighting conditions change.

Change the angle at which you take your photographs to make the composition more unique. Anyone can look at a simple head-on photo and take a picture of it. You can try switching your photography style by trying a birds-eye view of your subject. Alternatively, try kneeling and looking up. Consider experimenting with the way you compose your images with different sideways angles.

As you can see from the above list of tips, photography can be very useful in capturing a moment in time or a subject that could not otherwise be caught. Once you have learned the techniques discussed in this article, you will be on your way to becoming a photography expert.

bdayKaila is having a great time with her family and friends on her third birthday. Memories that they can look back at and will last a lifetime. Capturing these special times is what we love to do every day. Have us in mind next time you have that special occasion.

grad-picsThis is the high school graduation for Granada High. Their colors are red and black. Nothing to change here. It’s just good genuine pictures of kids getting their diplomas. Student’s are the happiest knowing that they have achieved so much through their four years of school. It really shows in the pictures.

This is a sample of Greg and Samantha’s high school prom pictures. Aren’t they a lovely couple? We decided on using a natural scenic background of green trees and plenty of sunlight to complement their outfits.